Luster You've Been Wanting

Luster Detailing offers full automotive and motorcycle detailing,
sky is the limit.

We offer everything from a full detail, paint correction, to your basic wheel and tire clean.

Interior Detail

Interior Detailing - Luster Detailing


includes Vacuum, Clean and Detail Dash Console and Door Cards / Jams, Clean seats, Floor mats, Windows.

Additional: $30 Headliner, $30 Shampoo seats, $30 Condition Seats (fabric protectant / leather condition), $30 Steam ventilation system etc., $30 Special request

Exterior Detail

Exterior Detailing - Luster Detailing


includes: Wash & Dry, Door jams wiped down, Wheel and Tires, Windows, Minor paint scuffs (if easily removed).

Additional: $30 Clay mit, $10-60 Swirl Removal (plastic pillars to full body), $50 Ceramic Spray coating, $30 Buttery Wax, $20 Spray wax, $30 Windshield glass sealant, $30 Engine Bay

Full Detail

Full Detail - Luster Detailing

4 Packages to Choose From!

includes: Wash & Dry, Wheels and Tires, Door Jams, Windows In/Out, Vacuum, Clean & Detail Dash Console Door Cards / Jams, Clean Seats & Floors, Floor mats, Small Scuffs, Condition Leather / Shampoo Cloth Seats, Clay mit, Spray Wax / Add $10 for Buttery Wax, Swirl Removal – price varies on amount of removal, Ceramic Spray Coating, Glass Sealant.

Don't see a package to fit your needs, give us a call for quote.

About Luster Detailing

From a very young age playing with my HotWheels and such, I found I had a ingrained want and desire for cleanliness and order. From there I found my second passion was automotive and motorcycles, and better maintaining and detailing them.

This is where I found my ultimate passion for detailing, this has led me to start Luster Detailing.

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